Moderator Eko 50 kW

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Moderator EKO is a low-temperature water boiler of steel construction for burning pea coal. Its unique construction, in which ceramic material is used, makes the boiler highly efficient and environmentally friendly, and guarantees prolonged, unmanned operation. The boiler is suited to timber kilns as well as residential, rural and industrial premises.

eco-pea coalpellets
  • Equipment
    a controller, a blower, a thermometer, a cleaning set, a fuel bin
  • Connection
    A fuel bin - can be connected on the right or left side of the boile
  • Warranty
    48 months for sealing of the heat exchanger
    24 months for other elements
  •  Moderator Eko (kW) 50
     Efficiency 88,7 %
     Water volume (l) 190
     Weight (kg) 705
     Fuel container volume (dm3) 0,34
     Water working temperature (oC) 70-80
     Min. return  water temperature (oC) 55
     Max. working pressure (bar) max. 1,5
     Power supply (V) 230
     Chimney height (m) 8-10
     Min. chimney section (cm2/ø mm) 400/180

    Moderator Eko 50 boiler dimensions

    Moderator Eko (kW) 50
     Dimensions (mm) A 1490
    B 1350
    C 1380
    D 770
    E 195
     Flue dimensions (mmxmm) F 200×200
     Stub return height (mm) (mm) G 435

    Moderator Eko 50 boiler in section