Unica Vento boiler 15 kW - 25 kW

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Unica Vento is an up-to-date boiler of a three-way set of exhaust gas convection-type chambers and a multiple-point- air supply system. The boiler works in two modes:
–    top firing-up ( when fines is burnt)
–    bottom firing-up ( when coal and wood is burnt)
An air distribution system guarantees  long-lasting burning in optimum condition. All the Unica Vento boilers feature a blower and a controller that operates circulating pumps.
It is a multiple fuel boiler.

coalwoodcoal and fines
  • Attestation
    UDT attestation
  • Equipment
    a controller, a blower, a thermometert
  • Warranty
    36 months for the boiler
    24 months for electronic parts
  •  Unica Vento (kW) 15 20 25
     Efficiency 81 %
     Water volume (l) 60 70 85
     Weight (kg) 280 315 360
     Charging chamber volume (dm3) 62 74,6 98,6
     Water working temperature (oC) 70-80
     Min. return  water temperature (oC) 55
     Max. working pressure (bar) max. 1,5
     Power supply (V) 230
     Dimensions of the charging opening (cmxcm) 19,8×31,3
     Chimney height (m) 8-10
     Min. chimney section (cm2/ø mm) 400/180

    UnicaVento boiler dimensions