Unica Max 80 kW - 160 kW

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Moderator Unica Max 80/160 kW is a boiler of top burning system. A grate and the walls, made of boiler plate, are cooled with water. Fuel load is manual and from the top, ash removal from the grate is automated, bottom door ( an ash door) is equipped with mechanical throttle of air supply ( when there is no power ).

The boilers are equipped with directional air supply to a combustion chamber with automatic primary and secondary air distribution. The air in its way to the combustion chamber is warmed up, which is essential for correct burning process. There are exhaust fans fixed on a flue. The flue outlet (round section – 280) to the top allows the boiler to be connected to a chimney at an angle of 0 -180º.

The boilers are manufactured in a Unica Max version: installation connections allow the boiler to be connected on the left or right side, a combination version is also possible to meet other installation requirements. Moderator Unica Max can work with SMOK Biomass Combustion Automated Feeder, then is equipped with an entrance for the SMOK on the right or left side of the boiler.

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  • Equipment
    a controller, a blower, a thermometer, a cleaning set
  • Warranty
    36 months
  •  Unica Max (kW) 80 100 120 160
     Efficiency 80 %
     Water volume (l) 365 410 455 500
     Weight (kg) 985 1067 1149 1231
     Charging chamber volume (dm3) 366 429 492 555
     Water working temperature (oC) 70-80
     Min. return  water temperature (oC) 55
     Max. working pressure (bar) max. 1,5
     Power supply (V) 230
     Dimensions of the charging opening (mmxmm) 328-588
     Chimney height (m) 8-10
     Min. chimney section (cm2/ø mm) 900/350

    Unica Max 80-160 boiler dimensions

    Unica Max (kW) 80 100 120 160
     Dimensions (mm) A 2138
    B 888 988 1088 1188
    C 1570
    D 679
    E 406
    F 306
    G 911
    H 424

    Unica Max 80-160 boiler in section