AZSB-GZ Cast Iron Head – Biomass Burning Automatic Set 30 kW

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AZSB is a modern device consisting of a heat exchanger, a feeding set, a burner and a fuel hopper.  The unique construction of the exchanger and a fuel automatic feeder makes an operation of AZSB unmanned, guarantees a high level of efficiency and low flue gas emission that conforms with EN 303-5 standard. Wide range of fuel hoppers (0,6;1;2; 6;8;10 m) allows the hopper to be filled in every 2-6 days, depending on fuel type and its caloric value. Fuel of 25% moisture content (briquette,tree bark,peat,shavings,woodchips,pellet,turf mole) can be well burnt in AZSB as well as  40%  moisture content woodchips,tree bark,peat,turf mole). It is possible due to the use of two types of a burner: ceramic and cast iron. When burning  fuel up to 40% moisture content  a ceramic burner is used (30, 50, 100, 240kW), when burning dry fuel (to max. 25% moisture content) a cast iron  burner is used (30, 60, 120, 240kW).

  • Attestation
    UDT attestation, certificate of „ecology safety sign” issued by IChPW, Zabrze, Poland
  • Equipment
    a controller, a blower, a thermometer, a cleaning set, a fuel bin, an ash box
  • Connection
    a fuel bin can be connected to the AZSB on the right, left side or i the front of the exchanger
  • Warranty
    24 months
  • AZSB- GZ  (kW) 30
     Efficiency 84 %
     Water volume (l) 90
     Weight (kg) 510
     Fuel tank capacity  (m3) 0,6
     Water working temperature (oC) 70-80
     Min. return water temperature (oC) 55
     Max. working pressure (bar) max. 1,5
     Power supply 3˜ 400V
     Flue dimensions (cmxcm) 15-15
     Chimney height (m) 8-10
     Min. chimney section (cm2/ø mm) 400/180

    When  three-phased power is not available the APSB can run on a frequency converter.