APSB-GZ Cast Iron Head – Biomass Burning Automatic Feeder 30 kW

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APSB is a modern device designed for biomass burning in form of wooden shaving, woodchip,tree bark, briquette,turf mole,peat,cherry drupels and pellets. Moisture content in fuel determines a choice of a burner (ceramic or cast iron). Maximum content is 40%. APSB can be coupled with Moderator type boiler or any other type, which construction allows for it.  The burning process is controlled automatically. Application of  APSB is wide: from residential building, schools to industrial facilities. It was rewarded with the gold medal on Eco Woods Fair in 2001.

  • Equipment
    a controller, anti-fire set
  • Warranty
    24 months
  • APSB- GZ  30 (kW) APSB 30-GZ-0,6m3 APSB 30-GZ-1m3 APSB 30-GZ-2m3
    Nominal thermal power (kW) 30 30 30
    Weight (kg) 250 325 501
    Fuel tank capacity  (m3) 0,6 1 2
    Power requirement (kW) 0,65 0,85 1,25
    Power supply 3˜ 400V 3˜ 400V 3˜ 400V
    Dimensions (pdf) preview preview preview