About Us

Our First Boiler

Thirty years ago Mr Kazimierz Kubacki, an engineer, started implementing  his idea of obtaining heat energy from woodwaste to use that  energy for domestic and industrial purposes. Although a boiler, devised by Mr Kubacki for these purposes, was still developed in the first years, first models where ordered by forestry industry companies.


Briliant energy saving ideas

In 1981 Heat Energy Works was set up by eng. Kubacki to manufacture boilers of his own idea – MODERATOR. They quickly proved to be a great commercial success due to novel solutions employed in their design, what made the Moderator boilers to be highly competitive   with inefficient coal boilers popular at that time.

Mariusz Kubacki Boilers Works

Ten years of experience in developing a construction and operation led to  an increasing demand for MODERATOR boilers. To meet that demand a second company was established in 1991. In the late nineties both companies were merged into one: Mariusz Kubacki Boilers Works.  In that form the company had lasted to 2001, when in autumn of this year it was transformed into MODERATOR Ltd.plazma

Last years have seen profound transformation of the company. Modern management was implemented, old machines were replaced by new ones.

A new network of resellers is to help selling new range of products:

SMOK Biomass Burning Automatic Feeder Biomass Burning Automatic Systems, modern and economical boilers burning so called eco pea coal: MODERATOR-ECO, retrofitted universal-purposed MODERATOR boilers:

  • novel UNICA CARBON

The products of MODERATOR Ltd.  received a host of rewards in domestic and foreign exhibitions and trade fairs.  But it is an increasing number of the boilers sale that attests their high quality.

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